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The process of transporting goods by sea with all regulations, related procedures & documentation.


Water covers approximately 70% of the world and more than 90% of global trade is transported on sea.
In terms of transport, shipping offers major advantage.
Hence more placement opportunities with better salary.


The transportation of goods from a place of production to the place of consumption at the eralist on Customized cost, with Reliability, Transperency and Security. The modes of transportation are througn Roadway, Railway, Airway and Seaway.


It's not just another application or alternative. It is a whole system of managing the product from the place of production to the end customer, without which routine life get affected and hence wide scope of placement opportunities national and international level.

Supply Chain Management:

Interconnected network chain business involved in ultimate production of product. It's the process of planning, implementation and control of supply chain with the purpose to satisfy customer efficiently.


Reduction of Transportation, Warehousing and Distribution costs.
Reduced Direct and Indirect Labour Costs.
Streamlined Purchasing Control.
Oppertunities in every manufacturing industry.

SYLABUS CONTENT covered during Training:

Shipping Business

International Trade, Shipping Terminology, Ship Registries, Operator Service, Liner Operator.

Liner Trade

Maintain Container, Break Bulk Operator, Container Frieght Station (CFS), Inland Container Deport (ICD), Containerization.

Ports and Terminals

Port Operation, Operational Aspects, Port Seccurity, Port Ownership.


Dry Bulk Shipping, Liquid Bulk Shipping.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Distribution requirement planning, Logistics function, Modes of transportation, Multimodal transport, Network STructure, Warehouse Management.

International Business

Globalization, WTO (World Trade Organization), FOREX (Foreign Exchange Market), FDI (Foreign Direct Investment).


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